Republic of the Philippines
The Courseware Project

Department of Science and Technology

The Modules in Science and Mathematics does not intend to replace textbooks being used by your children in school. These are supposed to serve as supplementary or additional materials for a clearer and a much different experience of understanding the lessons taught in school since the contents are computer-aided instructions integrated with sound, music, voice over, graphics and animation.


What can your children do in the courseware website?

Your kids can practically learn science and mathematics for free by letting them choose the lessons they want to view. Since it is highly interactive and multimedia, your kids can surely gain knowledge, test their learning through the evaluation/tests at the end of each lesson and at the same time make use of their senses in appreciating the rich graphics, lively music, exciting animations and enticing voice overs of the courseware.

They can view all the lessons regardless of their grade level. Just make sure you assist them should difficulty arises in their exploration.


How can they download the modules?

They can either view the lessons online or download a copy of each or in bulk for frequent use. You can create a folder e.g. dost_courseware to store the files downloaded from the site.


What skills or advantage does the courseware hopes to develop and achieve?

Generally, the courseware aims for the following:

  • Take advantage of the information and communications technology in developing and promoting science and mathematics education in the Philippines.
  • Give opportunity to Filipino learners and educators to experience state-of-the-art and up-to-date multimedia materials that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and virtual world exploration. It indirectly helps children develop many fundamental skills such as reading, reasoning, decision-making, analysis, memorization, dexterity and computer literacy.
  • Provide teachers with alternative and exciting solutions/supplementary materials in teaching.
  • Promote student-centered learning and or independent-learning among students.
  • Produce quality original Filipino-developed courseware materials in science and mathematics.
  • Establish branding for the DOST’s software products.


How can you assist your children in learn?

Whenever possible, learn “with” your kids, by assisting them while they are going through the modules should they have questions or confusions that need your help.