Republic of the Philippines
The Courseware Project

Department of Science and Technology


Welcome to the DOST-SEI-ASTI Courseware portal. Here, you will find resources to share with your pupils/students to assist them in understanding science and mathematics lessons better. Please take note, however, that the modules are not intended to replace the textbooks being issued by the Department of Education (DepED). These are supplementary materials intended to augment the learning of your pupils/students allowing them to experience state-of-the-art computer-aided instructional materials with its highly interactive multimedia features.

How the courseware will efficiently assist you in teaching?
Set an enticing mood where students will be motivated and excited to use the courseware.

Downloading of modules

  • Download the module files to your equipment. Bulk downloading e.g. all science and all mathematics is advisable.
  • You may copy the files from a CD to a storage in your unit so it will be accessed through your hard drive instead of the CD. Suggested folder name e.g. dost _courseware sub folders science, mathematics.
  • Make an icon on the desktop for science or mathematics courseware.

Insertion of courseware in your lesson plan

  • You may add the task of letting the students use the courseware at the end of every lesson to serve as additional tool to augment and assess their learning

Setting-up your equipment

  • You will need a projector, screen/ white cloth, laptop and speakers to operate the courseware.

Courseware use and manipulation

  • You can allow your students to manipulate the courseware as it is being projected. All of the lessons have sections that require data entry from the user e.g. input text, click graphics, click buttons, etc.


  • At the end of each lesson is an evaluation page where there are questions to test student’s learning. You may use the feature to add to student learning performance evaluation.